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Ermənistan niyə iyul ayının 12-də Tovuza hücum etdi?

In general, many political scientists put forward these three views on both sides as the cause of the conflict.

1. Overcoming the difficulties caused by the Covid-19

2. To eliminate the tension between the opposition and the government in the country, to gain the sympathy of the people with a small war

3. To divert attention of the people, tired of economic problems, from social security to war Some politic scientists or political commentators explain the incident in Tovuz by saying that, either by themselves or at the instigation of a third state, Armenia wants to damage the international image of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway, Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan, TAP and TANAP pipelines by questioning the security of these projects.

Some of these lines have been working for years and some are under construction. Of course, I know right now you also think that in 3 months the TANAP project will be completed and put into operation, which is why the Armenians wanted to disrupt our work. But please do not be upset, this approach is completely wrong. Why did the Armenians do it not yet, or not much later, they did it in July 12 exactly a week before amendments to the US Congress and here right now Armenia spilled the beans. What are these amendments and what do they have to do with the Tovuz military conflict? After the amendments No. 296 and 396 adopted by the US Congress on July 20, it became clear that the purpose of the border violation committed by Armenia in the Tovuz region was completely different. Amendment 296 initiated by Congressmen Steve Chabot and Steve Cohen to submit a report to Congress, coordinated by the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defense, on citizens expelled from the occupied territories in several post-Soviet countries (Azerbaijan, Moldova, Ukrain and Georgia) and citizens of these countries killed in these territories, were adopted by the House of Representatives of Congress. In accordance with these amendments, there are plans to submit to Congress a joint report of the State Department and the US Department of Defense on information about people expelled from the occupied territories and those killed. This means that the US Congress has once again confirmed the occupation of Azerbaijani lands by Armenia. Our second success is that, amendment 396 put forward by Frank Pallone “On the submission of a report to Congress by the Secretary Defense and Secretary of State under the authority of Section 333 on the violation of internationally recognized human rights before or while providing assistance to the security forces of foreign countries, as well as conducting exercises in order to prevent such violations”, has nothing to do with Azerbaijan. As one can see from its text, this amendment applies to all military allies and partners to whom the United States provides assistance. In other words, when the Armenians committed the Tovuz border conflict, they thought that the Azerbaijani army would strike their border villages and settlements, and they would show it to the whole world community as the savagery of Azerbaijan, but it did not happen. Not a single Armenian civilian was killed. This is confirmed by the information that Armenians proudly spread around the world, they say that only 4 of their servicemen were killed. Thus, the main reason for the Armenians to clash not in Karabakh, where is a conflict zone among 2 countries, but in another place, was to inflict civilian casualties during the conflict, accuse Azerbaijan of human rights violations, and achieve the name of Azerbaijan in the 396th amendment. In other words, Azerbaijan uses the military aid which receives from the United States against Armenian civilians. As a result, the United States has been providing about $ 110 million in military assistance to Azerbaijan for two years. Armenia is deprived of this assistance, and this time they wanted to be given the same military assistance as Azerbaijan. However, the US Congress rejected the opinion of pro-Armenian congressmen. These 2 amendments were the heaviest defeat of the Armenians in the international arena since 1993 when the United Nations adopted the 4 resolutions about the unilateral withdrawal of Armenians from Nagorno-Karabakh which occupied by Armenia. After this decision, the enraged Armenians have started aggressive actions against the Azerbaijani embassies, consulates even Azerbaijanis in streets in different countries of the world. In a previous video of my channel, you can be witness of how the thousands of Armenians attacked on just 50 Azerbaijanis and beat the Azerbaijanis aggressively in Los Angeles.

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