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Şəhid atasının həqiqəti – Cəbrayıl, Cocuq Mərcanlı

I’m Ferhadov Mashallah who is martyr ‘s father. İn 1993, 22 october all these territories were occupied, so out of compulsion we had to move to İran, then Behramtepe where we dwelt for a while. After that the houses were built in Bilashuvar town and we moved there. For more than two years we have been living in Jojuc Marjanli which have liberated. Before I was workmaster, we were in good condition and had no need. I had pleasant memories with my co-workers and we was amicable. Approximately we have 6 martyr in 1993, august, but my son was martyred in 1994, March. He was artilleryman. On a rainy day as a result of laying mines of enemy troops he was seriously wounded. We was oppressed, not only us, but also many people suffer from this. Our enemy refuse the peace agreement. Like people all around the world know how wonderful place Karabakh is. Everybody know that Karabakh is the territory of Azerbaijan. My all wishes are the liberation of Karabakh.

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